A comprehensive screening process is applicable to all applicants

Vetting Procedure

A comprehensive screening process is applicable to all applicants irrespective of the capacity of their employment, and is designed to ensure that only suitable persons are employed.

All of staff are fully approved by the Security Industry Authority (SIA). All Officers hold Front Line Licenses whilst all Head Office staff hold Non-Front Line Licenses.

Induction, Training and Development

All Security Officers attend a comprehensive three-day training course which includes basic First Aid and Health & Safety. All Officers have to pass the required examinations to become eligible to work as a Security Officer and be licensed by the SIA. In addition to this legal requirement, Albiz Security provides continual onsite training to familiarise Security Officers with the assignment requirements and client instructions on a siteby- site basis.

Additional external training courses in First Aid, Fire Safety and the use of Monitoring Systems are arranged where required.

24 hour back-up & support from our Control Centre

Control Centre

Albiz Security provides 24 hour back-up and telephone support from our Control Centre for clients and officers.


Our team of Supervisors provide 24-hour supervision and support and visit every assignment regularly.

Health, Safety and Welfare

It is the policy of Albiz Security to provide working conditions that are safe and healthy for all employees and at all times to carry out its operations so that as far as is reasonably practicable, the health, safety and welfare of any persons concerned will not be adversely affected.

The complete company Health & Safety Policy document is available on request.


In order to reflect and promote the professional corporate image of our clients, all Security Officers wear full uniform at all times whilst on duty. Albiz Security provides full uniform and specialist equipment for our Officers including personal protective equipment (PPE) where required.

Normal full uniform consists of Black Trousers, Black Uniform Jumper, White Uniform Shirt, Black Tie and Black Shoes/Safety Boots.

Specific uniform can be provided according to the requirement of our Clients. Similarly Officers can be provided with day suits or plain clothes if the assignment necessitates.